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TitleEBD Alert - Communicating Through Member Portal
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EBD Alert – August 7, 2017
Communicating Through the ARBenefits Portal – General Distribution

If we receive an enrollment form from a member that includes their email address or, if we have already an email address in our system, EBD will communicate to that member via the alert system in the ARBenefits Member Portal.

When EBD sends an alert via the portal, the affected member will receive an email asking them to login to their account to read the alert.

Currently, we are noticing a high number of members that received alerts from EBD, but have not logged in or registered their account in order to read the alert.
In addition to letting the member know their application has been approved, these alerts can inform employees if they are missing any necessary documents needed to complete their requests. If members do not check their alerts and miss a deadline such as a 60-day qualifying event window, their requested changes will be denied.

If a member needs to change their email address, they can do so anytime by logging into the portal and clicking on the “Account” tab.

EBD still notifies your HIR if there are any issues with an enrollment form and documents. If we do not have an email address in the system for a member, EBD will still mail a letter to the member and inform their HIR.

Thank you,
EBD Communications